Insight into London Tattoo Convention 2015

 It's a cool Saturday of Septemver 26th. After a cup of breakfast tea i've taken a red two-floored bus to get off at Tobacco Dock. I'm going into a very interesting building that is being used for various exhibitions and events nowadays. Today (27 Sept.) it is hosting the International London Tattoo Convention 2015!

To put it short the place is flooded by people with bodies full of piercing metall and ink.

I did not excpect to see the cosplay pin-up girls at the place like that but there's a competition for these dolls today at the London Tattoo Convention.

The internationally acclaimed tattoo artists are showing they mastery to the thousands of visitors today.Surely you can get yourself a piece of art inked on your body by an tattoo master you've been admiring for years.I was impressed that there were some artist that were making the tattoo designs by hand, in a traditional way without the use of the machine, I 've only seen this in movies before and it was just as impressive to see in reality.

Many needles around me and many brave girls and boys that are eager to lay down and experience some pain in order to embellish their bodies with tattoo.

Unfortunately, I have different reasons to be here. I am looking for inspiration and talented artist works.

For some time now, I've been thinking of making jewelry based on tattoo art. Something that can work together with a attoo it's based on and complete the look and style of the owner.

I am impressed with the wide variety of design that can be turned into jewelry and absolutely stunned by the detail and style of some artists here in London.

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