How to Find Your Ring Size and Convert it to Different Scales

If you are new to buying rings online and not in jewelry store - you may have difficulty remembering your ring size. We have some suggestions for determining the correct ring size either for you or a person who will recieve the ring. Rest assured, if you need to guess, and miss the mark, a resizing is a simple and inexpensive procedure that can be done quickly at any jewelry store. Silverlab will also resize the ring bought at our stores at no charge. 

f you are new to buying rings online and not in jewelry store - you may have difficulty remembering your ring size. We have some suggestions for determining the correct ring size either for you or a person who will receive the ring.

Find out your ring size:

1 ) If you already have the ring that fits your finger you can compare the ring to our printable ring sizer below. Read the instructions on ring sizer carefully to determine the exact ring's size.

2 ) Wrap a string around you finger and pinch the point where the ends meet. The length of this measurement is your finger circumference! You can easily convert the circumference (see table below) to any ring size scale or compare that measurement to the size scale in the printable ring sizer.

3 ) If you have to determine the ring size for another person and none of the above methods suit you, then its best to check with a close friend, parent or a relatieve. Often women will have tried on each other's jewelry, or a parent will have purchased a ring in the past who might help.

4 ) Another option is to ask a friend with a similar sized fingers what ring size they wear. It will allow you to buy a ring that fits reasonably well and is easily resized after.4 ) Choose the size of ring that looks closest from the printable ring sizer. The most common ring size for a woman is between 5 and 8 (US scale) and between 9 and 13 (US scale) for men. Most women can easily accommodate a ring within a half size of their true ring size. 


Check your size again...and again!

I dont want to brag or make anyone jealous, but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.

One size for all times is not a common issue with rings, so its cruicial to measure more than once before buying the ring. Your ring should fit on your finger without the risk of falling off. Not too loose but not too tight either. Check that you not hurting or putting too much pressure on your finger when getting the ring on and off. Ideally, it should be able to fit over the finger knuckle for most people.It is important to check your ring size more than once and that is true both for a simple home check and a proper in-store sizing with a jeweler. Your fingers will swell in warmer weather and hands get more "dry" cold weather. Naturally any weight ups and downs through seasons and years also can change the size of your fingers. Be aware of it especially when choosing wedding and engagement rings as they will be worn everyday. Checking two or three times is not going too far and getting it right the first time could save you time and money. 


Be aware of wider band rings

Bands over 6mm wide generally require a bigger size for most people. Narrow rings allow your skin to move to either side of the band and they glide easily on the skin. Wide bands don't allow this so much which means there is 'more finger' under the band therefore more skin contact and friction becomes stronger - it's best to order half size up or even one size up when purchasing the wide band ring.Keep in mind that some rings may not allow resizing to your size. This is true for rings with large and open stone settings. For example, if you have very small fingers and the ring needs to be sized down a lot then the setting could be at risk. As part of the band (usually the bottom side opposite the stone setting) is cut out to size down, it can pull the stone setting open at the top. Your jeweler will be able to warn you about this and suggest solution to this but for those of you buying on-line, you should keep this in mind. 


Check on your rings regulary

It is better for your jewelry and your bank account to give your rings regular checks. Check for wear and cracks in the band or any obvious thinning of the metal which might cause bending. If you are getting to the point where you can only get your ring off occasionally because it is too tight or it is regularly slipping off - it's probably time for a resize unless you want to have your ring cut off or worse, have it slip off and lose it!

At Silverlab, we are happy to provide you with any consulting regarding your jewelry or do any resizing works on rings purchased from us free of charge! Contact us for any assistance!

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