Client's Review on Crixus "Harbinger of Death" Necklace

I ordered a "Harbinger of Death" necklace with 2 extra rings from the Silver Lab team. I was a bit skeptical at first since this item was shipping all the way from Greece.

Since they were very quick to answer my many questions, I decided to go ahead and purchase from them.I ordered my necklace to be 46mm after measuring my neck. When I received my necklace, I noticed that the necklace was much too short for my neck and was more like a choker (Which isn't really a good look for a guy, in my opinion). 

However, I was very excited when I viewed the necklace itself. It looks EXACTLY like the one Crixus wears in Spartacus Blood and Sand.I am 5 foot 7 inches with a muscular neck. I remeasured my neck and decided that 56mm would be a more appropriate size for myself so the necklace would be below my neck line and stay out of sight when I had clothing on. 

I asked the Silver Lab team if it would be okay to resize it. They responded immediately and said "yes".I then had to do some research on how to ship this amazing necklace back to Greece. I didn’t want it to get stolen before I could even wear it! I asked the Silver Lab team for their advice and the responded with:

Dear Mark, Ship it back - we'll change it for 56 cm long without any problem and send it back asap! Best regards, Silverlab team

What I found as the best method to ship back to Greece was to use USPS Registered Mail. Send the necklace in a flat paper envelope and wrap the contents in something like a paper towel so no one will be able to look inside. The total cost of shipping via Registered Mail was about $23.50.When I walked into the post office I was unsure about how to ship the item so I was asking the lady some questions. She asked me “What’s in the package” and I told her it was a necklace. She then wouldn’t ship it!  I was so mad with her that I said “Well I guess I’ll just go to another post office and ship it out from there then!” and I did just that.

The only downside to shipping via Registered Mail is that it takes a little while to get to its destination. It took about a month to get back to Greece and another 2 weeks to come back. All throughout that time, I was concerned about my package and messaged the Silver Lab team to see if they had received the package yet.

They ALWAYS checked for me and then responded with what they knew which was much appreciated. The following is a real message exchange between the two of us:

“Have you received the item as of yet? It has left New York on December 12th and it appears as if I am unable to track it any further.” Mark S.

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Dear Mark, Contacted post authorities and they have no indication of it reaching country yet, so its somewhere in transit at the moment. It's very usual given the holiday season to have delays, so let's be patient.I'll let you know if we have any news! Best regards, Silverlab team

The Silver Lab Team notified me about a week later when they received the necklace and informed me they were going to resize it. I decided to add one extra ring to the necklace and asked if that would be okay. 

Silver Lab said “Yes definitely” and another ring was added bringing the total rings on my necklace to 5.They then shipped it back to me and I received it safe and sound :) A wave of relief washed over me.

customer review on crixus necklace

 I finally received my necklace! I am going to be wearing this necklace for the better part of my life so to get the measurements and rings correct was EXTREMELY important to me. And to add a cherry on top, I missed the delivery of registered mail to my house so I needed to go down to the nearest post office to sign for my package. 

I walked through the doors and proudly strode up to the counter and wouldn’t you know who was behind that counter? That’s right, the lady who wouldn’t initially ship my package. With a cocky grin on my face, I said “I have a Registered Mail parcel to pick up (and no, I’m not gonna tell you what’s in it) “. She reluctantly handed me a pen to sign and I said “Thank you very much, I’m so glad I was able to ship this package via Registered Mail” with a huge smile. She was noticeably unhappy at my remarks and just shrugged and said nothing. 

I took the necklace and was on my way out the door, heh!This necklace is more than just a decorative peace to me. In the best TV series of all time (in my humble opinion), Spartacus Blood and Sand, Crixus wears the Harbinger of Death necklace because he is the Champion of Capua. He is the champion of his city. When I wear this necklace, it is a testament to myself that I am a Champion.I am a Champion of my city, Tampa, FL USA and I always need to act like I am. 

It is a constant reminder to be, expect, and strive for THE BEST in all of my pursuits.I am extremely grateful to the Silver Lab Team for providing me superior customer service throughout my purchase of the Harbinger of Death necklace. Thank you Silver Lab Team for all of your hard work throughout this process!!! Mark S. from Tampa, FL USA 

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