Bespoke Jewelry Creation Process, Jewelry Production Steps


Idea for bespoke jewelry

To create a comprehensive concept of bespoke jewelry piece, you'll need to be as descriptive as possible, every detail matters and the more reference images or sketches you'll have the better.

Nowadays you can find an infinite number of images and objects that can contribute to the final idea. Gather some visual reference, dont be shy to try and sketch your idea on paper and come to us to study them together.If your jewelry piece will need any extras such as precious stones, the gold plated parts or enamels, we should be aware of it from the start in order to integrate all components into production process.

3D modeling

The next step is modeling the jewelry idea into 3D digital environment. The final 3D model may take utime depending on the complexity of the piece, but from the very first day any further work or consulting within our team will be conducted through 3D visuals and 3D model.You can check out the progress of the 3D model for your jewelry at any time as we provide a link to a 3D enviroment where you can preview the model in real time. This work-in-progress presentation is available from our page as seen below. If you want to keep your item private it can be easily arranged via password protected access to your sketchfab project. We guarantee your project's full confidentiality.

STL File - Ready for Print

After you've approved on the final design of the 3D model of bespoke jewelry we proceed to converting the prototype 3D design file to and STL file.The STL file is a form of digital 3D volume that is recognized by a vast majority of 3D printers worldwide. This STL file is the first product that you can get from our workshop. This is a good option if you want to print and cast the custom design of your jewelry or accessory yourself locally. The STL file will be sent via mail and we provide support for all our files in futureTip: We can also make 3D presentations (photorealistic jewelry renders) for jewelery catalogs, presentation for client or online stores - learn more!

3D printed Wax Jewelry

Your STl file will be 3D printed in a special jewelry wax model ready to be casted in precious metal of your choice.We use only the latest 3D printer model for our jewelry printing and highest quality materials in jewelry industry.If you wish you'll be able to get this wax or retina prototype of your future bespoke jewelry piece. You can see the examples of printed wax models below.The final wax or retina model is very fragile and can be broken or melted easily, so unless you wish to handle it yourself we strongly recommend to avoid any distant location shipping and to recieve the final metal-casted prototype (see next step).

Bespoke jewelry sample - Metal prototype.

After we get the wax model we proceed to a precision casting (lost-wax-casting) in precious metals such as silver, gold brass and so on as requested for the given jewelry design. The ready metal prototype can be safely delivered to you for further production (if you are a silversmith) or we can proceed with our jewelry workshop to finish your bespoke jewelry piece and deliver a ready to wear jewelry! Special offer for our Jewelry makers and gold & silversmiths: We can take it a step further and offer you a ready rubber mold for future jewelry produstion of your design together with your metal prototype!

Final stages of Jewelry Making

A casted in precious metal piece is being handled by our skilled jeweler with over 30 years of experience in silver & gold jewelry making. After all the parts are assembled and sized, the item is polished to perfection and all the buffing, stone setting, metal plating and enameling is done you recieve your ready to wear jewelry beautifully wrapped as a gift and safely shipped to your doorstep!

Enjoy it, leave us a feedback and come back for more bespoke unique jewelry pieces!

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